Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

Illustration Friday - jump

When I read this week's Illustration Friday topic, I decided to finish up this old sketch I had lying around forever. It's a scene from the Doctor Who novel/audiobook "The Stone Rose", which has the Doctor escaping via polevault out of the Colosseum arena using a trident... yeah. Not that realistic, but then I suppose Doctor Who doesn't have to be. It's an alien in a time travelling police box.

He was supposed to be grinning manically, but considering that he's always grinning it was surprisingly impossible to find a reference of that grin in profile, so for the sake of resemblance (and today's deadline) I had to settle for a smile...

Yes, the Doctor did dress for the time in this book, although he never does in the new TV series (and rarely in the old one). The pinstriped underpants were just for my own amusement *g*

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